Setting Multiple Clocks on the ICE STS Sports LED Screens

Having a multi-purpose LED clock for outdoors is easily achieved with the solutions from ICE AV. Timing clocks of various configurations whether they be a Count Up, Count Down, Date Time in a variety of digit and segment arrangements are useful for both sports, speak, manufacturing or such as a national event count down.

With the correct selection of software and hardware we are able to offer timer screens of many configurations. Here we show how this is achieved using a STS Sports Team LED Screen measuring 2.4m x .48m (P10mm resolution) and how we can run 3 independent timer clocks Counting Up. The Start and Clear functions are triggered from assigned Hot keys on the keyboard.

This video covers how we can set up and run three independent clocks with their own start and finish triggers. The clocks could be a mix of count Up, Count Down or Actual Time and features customisation such as hour:minutes or minutes:second or other configurations. We can run the clocks in conjunction with digital adverts and messages and will cover that feature in another video. Also in a subsequent video we will show how you can easily resize the clock to what ever size you want.

Our solution has been designed from a perspective of needing to be flexible to customise and adaptable for any sports without any cost penalty so often associated with specialised solutions. What we offer is a solution with standard built in customisation preferences all for the same price.

STS LED ScreenIn this video we show it being used on a STS Series Modular LED Sports board LED that is based on our Plas480 panels, though we can use the software with any display technology including our Digital Daytime Projection screen.

The core STS Series LED Screens are based on a modular 480 x 480mm outdoor panel weighing only 6kg. These can be assembled into any quantity however for the STS Series we have targeted 2400mm x 480mm as being the maximum size. Of course other sizes can be easily configured according to customer requirements.

So for the STS Series the standard panel configuration is:
1 x 2 – 480 x 920mm width
1 x 3 – 480 x 1440mm width
1 x 4 – 480 x 1840mm width
1 x 5 – 480 x 2400mm width
2 x 2 – 960 x 960mm wide

ICE STS Sports Screen set up as a three segment clock.

As a general guide to achieve maximum height clock digits then you will be able to achieve two digits per panel. So in the video for example you can see that we can achieve 480mm size digits and maintain legibility of each digit.

The clock software allows player performance, times to be recorded throughout the game, message board, time function, snap time recorded, individual athlete time display.

Key features

– Able to record times into Uses Microsoft Excel
– Athlete results accumulation during the game
– Print out record of athletes and the game
– Formats available for any sports and competition disciplines
– Affordable

The use of the software with our STS Series Scoreboards are numerous. Schools for example, are able to use the timing clock for athletics for running races, rugby count down clock. In a factory it can be used for productivity measurements, for conference speaker or debate it becomes ideal solution.

We only make the software available with our display hardware.
Be sure to watch our other LED Display software videos as we cover the many options and aspects we are able to offer.