ICE LED Screens are versatile, multi purpose and all weather capability for most applications.

We have a wide range of LED models to cater for numerous applications, variations within an applications. Often times one model might be seen to be perfect as the solution, but then the brightness might be to low, or it needs to be IP65 rated and not IP43 for indoors.

Other times weight is a crucial aspect as the cabinets need to be installed by manual labour without lifting equipment. Alternatively it might be that it requires quick installation times and light weight as it is used in a variety of locations.

Pictured is a Plas480 10mm screen in a 1x5 array viewed at about 6m.

Pictured is a Plas480 10mm screen in a 1×5 array viewed at about 6m.

The options and considerations we need to consider draw on our wide knowledge and being able to offer the best solution without compromise, or at least with minimal compromise. Underlying this at all times is budget and affordability.

At times an LED screen needs to be able to perform various functions whether it is a client driven solution requirement or it might be that a particular model needs to fill certain tasks for different clients.

A good starting place is to consider:

  • Brightness
  • IP rating required
  • Weight issues
  • Viewing distances
  • Target screen size

After that we can consider

  • Pitch resolution
  • Installation characteristics
  • Temporary or permanent
  • Fixed or Mobile
  • Indoor or Outdoor

Depending on the mix of these parameters, it may mean a few solutions are suitable or in fact only one solution becomes obvious. Once it has been determined then the budget available is going to be the deciding factor and at this point it may mean a more coarse pitch resolution is required in the selected LED model to meet the budget.

Modular LED screen

The modular concept applied to the Plas480 and other models allows light weight easy to configure screens to be designed

It is always helpful and can mean a lot of time is not wasted if a client is up front with the budget scope available and often times means we can come straight to the point, rather than going back wards and forwards with solutions to meet an undisclosed budget.

Determining whether mono colour or RGB colour is required is a good case in point where budget could be saved. For most digital screen applications full colour is highly desirable, however if it is a message board or timer screen then mono colour is totally acceptable. As time goes by though, we are offering less mono screens as a general digital screen and mono or tri-colour screens are typically now used as the scrolling text and animation message boards. The Plas480 Model is still offered in Mono Red @ P10mm resolution allowing modular size LED screens to be built according to the modular incremental panel size.

This makes it an ideal solution to consider for numerous situations whether you are building a vertical or horizontal strip screen or a large 4:3 format LED screen. In a Score board application Mono could be ideal on a restricted budget if you are building a 2m x 1.5m screen or if budget allowed going full colour.

Pictured is a mono screen based on using full colour RGB and running out LED timer clock software.

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