FIA European Turkey F3J 2013 international competitions rely on LED Timer and Display Screens from ICE LED, New Zealand

ICE AV, LED Division, New Zealand is proud to announce that they are the official suppliers of three 1440mm x 960mm Time Display clocks for the FIA European Turkey F3J 2013 international competitions. The F3J starts 11 July and is being held in the small rural Turkish town of Müsellim in the Köyü Sarayey district where teams from 17 European countries including the USA will compete.

Long before he was aware of international model plane championships, let alone F3J, ICE AV Founder Kevin Andreassend had his introduction to model aero plane flying during the 60’s. “My father took the combustion engine powered model Cessna plane he built out for a decent flight one day in the 60’s. I recall my brothers and I were all anticipating the début flight with excitement, albeit a bit nervous with the fast spinning propeller a few fingers away.

Model Plane Timaru_02

“It flew until it ran out of petrol and ended a long distance away and there was some difficulty finding the plane on the far side of the airstrip in the long grass”. Many years later after this photo was taken in Timaru at the old airfield, ICE AV is pleased to know we are helping the aero modelling sport at an international level with being the supplier of the official 2013 F3J Sports Timing Clock displays.

Shortly after arrival in Istanbul the first LED screen is unpacked and set up in the hangar for the Istanbul Model Aero Club

Shortly after arrival in Istanbul the first LED screen is unpacked and set up in the hangar for the Istanbul Model Aero Club

Once all the screens arrived in Istanbul in mid June the screens were fitted to the locally designed and manufactured mounting frames in the engineering workshop. Once everything was cabled up and the local computer set up, we logged in from Auckland remotely to control the computer desktop and configured the settings. By using a remote live camera view we were able to see the adjustment and confirm correct operation. This capability gives customers who in many cases have never used LED screens before, or if they have do not have a understanding of the operational software reassurance that ICE does not just supply hardware but can assist clients remotely, saving additional costs of having to fly a technician to site.

The Plas480 cabinets are particularly suited to the F3J event and similar competitions, due to the light weight cabinet, waterproof, daytime brightness modular, easy to assemble on site irrespective of the size and the ability to reconfigure the layout.

Each screen utilises 6 Plas480 panels in a 3 x 2 arrangement. The three Plas480 timer screens are configured as 1440mm x 960mm, 10mm resolution, full colour in a custom client built stand. The screens all display exactly the same time count down with a loop in/out configuration over a combination of Cat5 and fibre optics cable. The top section will display the count down clock and the remainder of the screen will display sponsor logos.

We work with companies and clients to configure their final solution and mounting and to do this the Plas480 can be supplied as a quantity of panels for integration at the destination, or with hanging mount fittings, or our free standing display stand as pictured below.

LED Clock timer screens

Model 301TL is ideal for up to 6 digits height at 480mm high. Or 4 digits with a sponsor or an event / sponsor logo. The area beneath the frame is ideal for a printed sponsor banner and easily fitted to the stand.

Plas480 cabinets is a modular LED standalone LED panel available in mono, RGB, various pitch in a standard uniform industrial plastic housing. This allows the screen panels to be used in any scenario from billboards, digital signage or timing screens on unlimited size The three screens are being used to display the 10 minute count down time which dictates the flight start time and by 00:00 (minutes / seconds) the model glider plane must have been landed. Two screens will be placed back to back and the 3rd will be connected via fibre optics 160 metre away at the other end of the flight area.

In designing the Plas480 clock timer solution we wanted customers to be able to have a building block clock system that enables them to split the screen into separate smaller screens or to aggregate them to a larger size. Many other systems on the market lock you into their fixed sizes, colours and pitch whereas we wanted to deliver a fully flexible modular system. The software driving it can act as 12/24hr clock, Count Up, Count Down, Snap Time, display down to 1/100ths of seconds if required, full colour customisation, able to interface with external triggers and automatically integrate with Excel to record times.

Plas480 3x2 Timer #3 Screen being set up in Istanbul prior to the F3J event.

Plas480 3×2 Timer #3 Screen being set up in Istanbul onto its ground stands prior to the F3J event.

The P10 RGB model is a 10mm pitch based on RGB DIP and rated at 5,000 NITS brightness per square metre. The mounting has been achieved by a modular universal system that allows each screen consisting of six panels are easily mounted. The displays are designed for unlimited use outdoors. Any clock screen can be aggregated together to make a larger size without cost penalty or restriction and in addition can be easily used for digital signs, displaying messages, photos or video in full colour.

Further information on the Plas480 based timer clocks can be viewed on this video.

The timing software is an accurate highly configurable Windows OS software clock that is able to be scaled to any size and configuration screen or Pitch resolution. The timing software is further enhanced as it can interface with Excel for database recording and media files to sound horns and the like.

In addition we have supplied a Hang-Roll-Fold flexible led screen to display announcements, information and video replay. The P18.25mm Hang-Roll-Fold LED screen in use is mounted from one of the stacked shipping containers for all participants to view. This 5250mm x 2260mm screen will be used to display messages, photos, videos in the latter part of each day and during the evening. This display will be able to accept a wide range of signal formats via the LED Switcher Processor. This will allow prepared content to be display at a button press or even walk up participants could have their content easily displayed.

The Rear View of the 5.2x2.6m screen shows the simple connection of the panel cables. The screen content signal can be delivered over 300m on Cat6 or 1000's metre over fibre.

The Rear View of the 5.2×2.6m screen shows the simple connection of the panel cables. The screen content signal can be delivered over 300m on Cat6 or 1000’s metre over fibre.

The HRF Flexible LED screen is a revolution in LED screens as it allows the large 1725mm x 2260mm panels to be rolled and folded for storage. The installation is very straightforward as the screen just needs to hang from a pipe and rear latches joined.

ICE Flexible LED screen

Outdoor set up of the ICE Flexible Hang-Roll-Fold LED screens

Participants in F3J aero flying perfect their flight control skills over many years. After a glider plane is launched then the ground based pilot via radio controllers use the wireless control unit
to manipulate the plane. They face real challenges when the plane flies beyond eye control distance and yet still within radio control to bring it back to the required landing area within the allocated time period.

The commercial arrangement was made in conjunction with who are the largest commercial group of companies in Turkey and sponsor of the 2013 F3J competition.

F3J Plane is hand launched skywards.

2012 FAI European Championships for Free Flight Model Aircraft F1A, F1B, F1C

Presentation video of the 2012 FAI European Championships

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