China Sign Expo 2019 Promotion for floor standing LED Mirror Screens – LIFE Size!

To coincide with China Sign Expo month in September we are offering a special introduction production of the P2.5mm Model LV Portrait Digital Poster from ICE AV.
ICE Model LV Poster_005

Resolution: Pitch P2.5mm
Size 640mm Width x 1760mm Height

Promotion Price $US2,299 ex works.
Additional discount for 5 or more pieces.
The Promotion price lasts till 30 November 2019

In this 98 second video we provide an in-depth insight introduction to the ICE LED Mirror Screen.

The Mirror Style LED Poster is the perfect solution for creating eye catching displays.Particularly suited in areas that might be spaced constrained, NO assembly installation required weighs only 32kg, Floor standing Lean mount is standard or optional floor base available.

ICE LED Mirror Screen_01

Applications that would suit include small and large retail stores, product promotions, shopping mall destinations, cinema ticketing areas, expos, presentation events, banks, museums and art gallery exhibits, in fact as you can imagine they are perfect in many locations. Ideal for moving around your shop or venue according to your application.

The age of the 42 inch LCD screen on a stand is starting to seem old style visualizing and now with the Mirror Display you get life size floor to head display capability in one piece screens.

Stacking LCD screens is a thing of the past. The one piece taller than most people of the planet redefines the shape of eye catching LED screens. The screens can be used standalone or placed side by side to provide larger display areas.

ICE LED Mirror Screen-Rear_01

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Technical Specifications
Model LV2.5

1 Pixel pitch – 2.5mm
2 Led type – KINGLIGHT SMD2020
3 Module size – 160 x 160mm
4 Module resolution – 64 x 64 dots
5 Driving IC – MBI5124
Cabinet Specification
1 Cabinet size – 660mm W x 1780mm H
2 Display area – 640mm W x 1760mm H
3 Display resolution – 256 x 704 dots
4 Module qty 4pcs W x 11pcs H
5 Cabinet materials – Aluminum Profile
6 Cabinet weight – 32kg pc
7 Brightness – 800 nits
8 Viewing Angle – H: 160° – V: 160°
9 Viewing distance – Greater than 2.5m
10 Gray level – 14 bit
11 Refresh frequency – Greater than 1920Hz
12 Power Input – AC110~240V
13 Power consumption – Max: 600W – Average:200W
14 MTBF – hours Greater than 10,000 hours
15 Life–hours – 100,000 hours
16 IP grade – IP31
17 Operating Temperature – from -20C~50C
18 Storage Humidity – 10C~90C RH
19 Control system – Standard: ECSR
20 Operating system – Windows98, Me, 2000, NT, XP
21 Power supply – G-energy CE
22 Maintenance access – Full Front access
23 Frame rate – 65 fps
24 Brightness control – Manual – Auto – Programming
25 Colors – trillion for perfect colour rendering
26 We will ship direct from our factory in Shenzhen to your destination in a road case.

Additional Resolutions available

P1.27, 1.58, 1.9
Size 1: 610mm W x 1715mm H
Size 2: 610mm W x 2058mm H

ICE AV Global is at the forefront of transforming windows, interiors and large building glass facades to transparent digital surfaces. This recent display technology is allowing architects, building owners to use the technology to retrofit display technology to create creative and commercial display.

To enable us to consider all customer needs we have a range of product solutions that allow a holistic approach rather than a product model or price list focus. This approach allows us first to consider what you wish to achieve, the solution that best meets this requirement. Then we can consider the various options we might offer.

ICE AV Header LED_02

ICE AV Technology Ltd has a number of Product Divisions catering for different industries and sectors such as Multi Touch, Simulation, AV Integration, LED and Component supply.

If you have an interest we invite your designers, architects to contact us to begin discussions.

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