Project Design

We are finding that there is an increasing trend by clients to use, adapt, integrate and bring to together various technologies and software. This however does pose a problem as in many cases it is outside the realm of their familiar knowledge. Simply ordering product A is beyond the realm of many projects as so many factors need to be considered.

To help clients we now offer a consultancy service where we are available on a fee basis to assist you design your project, identify the hardware and operational aspects. You will be able to draw on our hardware and systems knowledge and in turn we are able to utilise our extensive world wide expert knowledge members to work through the aspects of your project.

Initially you are welcome to contact us where we are available to discuss your brief and project. We may be able to verbally give you an indication of the price of the hardware and software required. If you think we might be a good match for your project and we have the solutions that are suitable then we can propose what our fee to work with you to contribute our knowledge and expertise. The fee would not include the cost to purchase hardware, software, manufacturing, content preparation or similar but rather working with you thru the process to determine what the solution is and final costs for you to implement our hardware and software solutions.

The method of communication will typically include phone conversation, online messaging, and email. Face to face meetings can be included if practical and can be useful in many cases for discussing finer details and brainstorming. Face to Face meeting expenses are also a billable item.

Contact us on Tel +64-9-4142348 or email sales at iceavglobal com


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