FlexiMag is a Magnetic Rubber enclosed LED Tile for dynamic installations.

The latest LED technology screen allows the designer to create innovative and unusual sign installations. The rubber backed LED screen tiles allows complete flexibility and curvature of the screen.

FlexiMag LED Tiles - flexible curved nature

Flexible LED screen is with reliability quality because of its special structures. It could be like Curve , Arch , Wave, Roll, Right Angle Corner etc , also it is convex and concave with minimum radius of 250mm.

It is very lightweight of 0.35/per tile and with full Magnetic system backside to be installed very easily on any mental sheet.

FlexiMag LED Tiles - rear
As pictured the tiles are very flexible with embedded magnets and also possible for securing with rear mount screws of needed.

The ICE Flexible LED Screens can be installed in a variety of ways. One of the notable benefits is the ease of installation. The rear of the screen has magnets allowing permanent or temporary installation. The screen tiles can be used in complex curved screens, cylinders, concave and convex.

Summary of Rubber FlexiMag LED screen tiles

1. 0.35 KG/per tile
2. Superior Performance
3. Refresh Rate 2400Hz with LINSN control system
4. Color Uniformity & Seamless Design
5. Full Magnetic System & Screw installation
6. Product complies with real EMC, Real CE, RoH.

They can be used for any events and Projects .
1) Casino
2) Hospitality
3) TV Studio
4) Fashion Show
5) All Kinds of Events
6) Concert Tour
7) Products Launch
8) Rental Market
9) Vehicle and special display.

P10 flexible LED screen gets approval of EMC test (EN55022-Class-A).

The rubber backed magnetic LED tiles are now available in various Pitch resolution.

If you have a project that requires an innovative display solution we look forward to hearing from you to discussing your requirements.

sales at iceavglobal.com
Tel +64-9-414 2348


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