USB > RS232 Adapter

USB > RS232 Adapter enables any PC computer to be used with our LED Timer screens

The versatility of the ICE LED screens means that they have been designed to act as a movie screen, advert screen, clock, score board or even a timer stop watch. Our approach has been to ensure that clients can achieve maximum opportunities and use from their screens, whether they are rented out or purchased by an end client.

The key aspect is the three software types and the ability to integrate external sensors and even database recording capability ensures the ICE screens are truly universal.

Xnotes LED Timer stop watch

RS232 as a in/out port on modern day laptops and desktops is increasingly becoming a connectivity standard relegated to pre tablet times. However all is not lost as it simply means using a high quality USB > RS232 adapter.

Since many new computers now are only being released without the traditional RS232 port and only supplying USB ports. We have noticed a number of folk have had difficulty successfully implementing the USB > RS232 adapters. With this in mind we have been testing various computers we have and the ability to retro fit the USB > Serial Adapter cable. Many have noted that the manufacturers adapter and the supplied driver CD they have purchased locally does not work.

What we have discovered that you need to be aware of:
– There are a variety of chip set companies manufacturing the required adapter chips and some are of dubious quality or counterfeits.
– The drivers supplied maybe a version or two out of date.

Despite installing the drivers you may find the USB > RS232 cable
will still not work.

Input timer

You may eventually pull your hair out and return the cable to the
supplier because it is “does not work”. There is a strong possibility
that the drivers need to be updated. Unfortunately the cable you purchased may not be marketed under the manufacturers brand, but that of a distributor and for the novice this can prove to be a frustrating experience.

We use the RS232 port for connecting the external timer beam sensors when an ICE LED Screen is used as a timer.LED Timer Beam

If you are using a RS232 > USB adaptor cable with a Prolific chip then these are the latest drivers as of Jan 2013. Download on this link.
Overview Driver Brochure

If you are purchasing a complete solution from ICE AV we have ensured you will not have the problems described above.

Outdoor Timing screen

Outdoor Timing screen


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