The ICE FlexiPanel series uses polymer nanotechnology materials, standardised design based on standised uniform concept. The innovative break through in manufacturing of mass produced cabinet enables the same cabinet is compatible with more than nine model modules, for Indoor Series Pitch P5, P6.25, P7.5, P9.375 and Outdoor Series of P5, P6.25, P7.5, P9.375, P15.

ICE LED FlexiPanel

The above pictures demonstrate the ability to have a positive and negative curve within the same screen. Here we have shown this on one row high of ICE FlexiPanels.

Two invention patents and eight types of practical patents were established that enables this new LED screen modle type.

The six truely unique advantages of the ICE FlexiPanel are:
– Light weight
– Slim profile
– Easy Install
– Economical
– Expandable
– Flexible


Light Weight
panel units weight is only 4.5 or 5.1kg

Fast Installation 100 pieces of panels can be installed by one person in 60 minutes. Panels can be replaced in under 60 seconds.

Unlimited assembly in width for both fixed or hanging installations. The height can reach up to 20metres. The flexible arc for either concave or convex cylindrical or curved screens is 15 degrees. Each panel can be removed out of position of the whole display – either for repair of creative arrangements.

Economical Time saving, quick installation, reduced labour, simple to dismantle and assemble and easy to shift.
Cost saving features, 20% lower cost then pressed aluminum panel. Less mounting infrastructure means less transportation costs.

It is ideal for rental, permanent, temporary, indoor, outdoor, scale up/down sizes and continues to bring to the global market the innovation that ICE is known for world wide.


Strength: Resistant to broken parts, reliable and special materials down to macro level.
Simple: Easy dismantling and assembly of any panel within the display in under 60 seconds.
Standardized: One designed panel for indoors and outdoors ensures standised production, improved efficiency and reduced costs.
Connection: The unique panel connection design enables the display to be assembled by one insertion and one swirl in 30 seconds.
Cable free: The screen structure integration for display, driving and receiving is combined in one body. The simpified structure improves saftey and stability.
High prescision: The design and manufacturing precision is down to 0.1mm
Heat control: Features the most advanced heat conducting technology, means fan free, completely silent and with high effcient heat dissipation.
Environmental: Anti dust, anti-damp, anti-corrosion is adopted for both front and rear and all sides.

Outdoor LED screen
High resolution in a flexible panel down to a stunning 5mm Pitch.
Viewing Angle is perfect for the widest audience of 160 degrees
Designed for use in the rain. Rugged and waterproof design delivers constant 24/7 reliability.

Brochure Spec Sheet Download


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