The decision to purchase an LED screen is the first stage you might have contact with us. The particular model, customisation and all the associate parameters of our installation are all details we work closely with you.

Delivery timing and the project commissioning is often timed for particular events that will require management to keep everything on schedule. In many cases we will liaise with local contractors if required. If your purchase includes us to also supply installation we will work with you to determine the onsite issues such as power, access, lifting equipment etc.

We organise all shipping details to any sea port and airport in the world and our price will include either sea or air shipping. If you are not familiar with importing screens and liaising with freight forwarders to clear goods through your customs border we can work closely with you to provide a headache free experience.

Screens are shipped in Road cases, Timber Crates or Foam packed cardboard packaging.

Preparation prior to shipping

LED Timber crate

Shipment all boxed up ready to go to another client

cardboad foam packed cabinets

LED Screen case


Plas480 LED Cabinet Screen is perfect for wet weather environments as well indoor installations.

The Plas480 cabinet combines elements that technical staff and architects alike love. Light Weight and Uniformity.

In this video we provide a brief overview of the Plas480 model cabinet.

This is a uniform cabinet size irrespective of Pitch or Brightness. It is a light weight cabinet based on a 480mm x 480mm x 85mm cabinet chassis. Special attention has been given to standard installation processes, easy to repair and replace without high technical knowledge and long life of 100,000 hours. At 6kg it is easily installed by hand with out special lifting equipment.

Plas480 is available in outdoor and Indoor Specifications with Pitch resolution in 5, 6, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30mm pitch resolutions. For Mono colour we offer P10 Red whilst the remainder are full RGB capable of millions of colours.

Plas480 Blank panels front rear

If you have a project and need a partner to help you determine the best hardware fit, then we welcome your enquiry. Tel +64-9-414 2348 sales at

ICE FlexiPanel enables exciting installed LED solutions and flexibility

LED NEWS: The ICE FlexiPanel series uses polymer nanotechnology materials, standardised design based on standised uniform concept. The innovative break through in manufacturing of mass produced cabinet enables the same cabinet is compatible with more than nine model modules, for Indoor Series Pitch P5, P6.25, P7.5, P9.375 and Outdoor Series of P5, P6.25, P7.5, P9.375, P15.

ICE LED FlexiPanel

Two invention patents and eight types of practical patents were established that enables this new LED screen modle type.

The six truely unique advantages of the ICE FlexiPanel are:
– Light weight
– Slim profile
– Easy Install
– Economical
– Expandable
– Flexible


Light Weight
panel units weight is only 4.5 or 5.1kg

Fast Installation 100 pieces of panels can be installed by one person in 60 minutes. Panels can be replaced in under 60 seconds.

Unlimited assembly in width for both fixed or hanging installations. The height can reach up to 20metres. The flexible arc for either concave or convex cylindrical or curved screens is 15 degrees. Each panel can be removed out of position of the whole display – either for repair of creative arrangements.

Economical Time saving, quick installation, reduced labour, simple to dismantle and assemble and easy to shift.
Cost saving features, 20% lower cost then pressed aluminum panel. Less mounting infrastructure means less transportation costs.

It is ideal for rental, permanent, temporary, indoor, outdoor, scale up/down sizes and continues to bring to the global market the innovation that ICE is known for world wide.

Flexible LED SCreen

Flexible LED screen using the FlexiPanel modules


Strength: Resistant to broken parts, reliable and special materials down to macro level.
Simple: Easy dismantling and assembly of any panel within the display in under 60 seconds.
Standardized: One designed panel for indoors and outdoors ensures standised production, improved efficiency and reduced costs.
Connection: The unique panel connection design enables the display to be assembled by one insertion and one swirl in 30 seconds.
Cable free: The screen structure integration for display, driving and receiving is combined in one body. The simpified structure improves saftey and stability.
High prescision: The design and manufacturing precision is down to 0.1mm
Heat control: Features the most advanced heat conducting technology, means fan free, completely silent and with high effcient heat dissipation.
Environmental: Anti dust, anti-damp, anti-corrosion is adopted for both front and rear and all sides.

Outdoor LED screen
High resolution in a flexible panel down to a stunning 5mm Pitch.
Viewing Angle is perfect for the widest audience of 160 degrees
Designed for use in the rain. Rugged and waterproof design delivers constant 24/7 reliability.

Brochure Spec Sheet Download

Aquatic Centre LED Screen Catalogue and Guide

LED Screen Division: Aquatic Centre LED Screen Catalogue and Guide is published to enable Aquatic Venue managers to gain an understanding of the various screen hardware options and some of the aspects to consider when selecting a screen.

ICE AV Technology’s LED Division understands that managers need help to come to grips with LED technology without being swamped with models and geeky hardware speak.

Please send an email to to request the password to open this document.

Today’s swimming pool complex is a far cry to when I attended the local swimming pool as a youngster. Unheated part from the sun, timber uncovered audience seating, small in size, timber outdoor changing rooms, two level dive boards, snack shop and all enclosed by a corrugated tall fence. Today we have progressed with stunning facilities with multi lane sports pool, dive pool, a leisure pool with waves and sprays, a tots’ pool and a learners’ pool. And it does not stop there with a water slide, wave pools, dive pools, therapy services and rehabilitation pools, massage facilities, spa pool, steam room and a cafe — all indoors and with off-street car parking.

Until recently only large and well financed aquatic facilities have installed large digital LED screens, though most facilities have a timing clock, or a score board for race meetings. The roll out of LED screens were initially used as digit screens displaying race times however a new trend is developing with the use of the LED Matrix as an entertainment and advertising digital display within the aquatic venue.

Aquatic Centers are dynamic destinations where people meet, have fun, compete and enjoy the magic of water based activities. The community swimming pool complex is an important centre for many smaller town and cities and can play an important role in cohesiveness of a community just like the theatre and sports area.

Simply complete this form if you want to discuss and brainstorm your ideas for your own LED screen. Or call us on +64-9-414 2348 or send an email to We work with clients world wide so don’t let your location inhibit your ideas. We love it when clients want to push the boundaries and we will work you to deliver an affordable solution. For us it is more than just selling an LED screen but it is about creating a new experience and covering all the bases. We typically have a tonne of ideas that we bring to the table that you probably have never considered. We look at the whole project from screen, audio, connectivity, remote access, remote control and can supply complete installed solutions.

Aquatic screens for Leisure Venues and Marine Centres are redefining the big screen experience.

LED Screen Division – Have you noticed that every where we look today, there is every likely-hood you are looking at a digital screen, big or small. The role of outdoor digital displays is a recent trend that started with the cinema screens, moved onto TV sets and since then the diversity, has gone ballistic and installed in every country on the planet.

swimming led screen

Bring your aquatic venue alive with the big screen experience.

Never before has society become so addicted, influenced and connected to digital displays. Whether it is watching a movie on your phone whilst you travel on the bus, reading a novel on a kindle or watching a football replay on a stadium screen, the range of technologies currently available provides options, alternatives and opportunities.

One area that ICE AV is increasingly being asked to help with is the public swimming pool. Aquatic Centres today are places to learn, have fun, experience family time and have become community centres. The facilities typically being included today include creche, cafe, club facilities, class rooms, toddler pools, dive pools, training rooms, exercise rooms and now the latest trends many acquatic pool owners are implementing are large format digital LED screens.

Many Aquatic Centre managers have realised to ensure continued patronage and ensure their facilities are seen to be exciting places to be, they are looking to the big screen experience to give them that edge for their digitally connected visitors.

Large format screens have become a standard feature in public environments and many are familiar with the large outdoor LED screens in Tokyo, Time Square, Picadilly Square and of course many roadside and stadium locations around the world.

Hinged LED screen

So what are Aquatic Centres wanting to use large format LED screens for. The obivous use is sports timing for race meetings, however the entertainment value is what Aquatic managers are thinking off to increase the experience.

Applications such as movies, roving pool camera, messages and advertising enhance the visit of all the swimmers. Furthermore with the growth and influence of Social Media the large format LED screens becomes and ideal way for a venue’s community to engage and merges the on-line / off-line local presence as a seamless bi-directional communication channel. One local semi outdoor pool complex that has used a large format movie screen in the Auckland region has been the Waiweria Hotpools, though it has suffered from quality and visibility issues due to not using LED screens. Nevertheless this experience has allowed swimmers who like to lounge in the hot soak pools to watch a movie as part of their visitor experience.

ICE AV Technology has introduced its Plas480-10 Industrial grade LED cabinets as an ideal solution for pool side large format digital screens. The screens can be configured to any size according to budget, viewing distance and resolution required and being manufactured from industrial grade plastic will not rust or detoriate in these humid environments. To minimise egress of moisture internally the screen cabinents can be sealed, thereby minimsing future problems such as internal corrosion.

Plas480 Cabinets

The Plas480 can be installed in a variety of manners. Pictured here is where the cabinets have been assembled onto a swing up frame that can be wall mounted. In addition a screen could be floor mounted on a moveable platform allowing relocating and changing viewing angles depending on activities.

International sports events such as the Rugby World Cup, Formula One GP and of course the Olympics have shown that large format LED screens add greatly to the visibility and enjoyment of events. This familiarity by the public, is an underlying aspect that where ever people gather that there will be be a large format LED screen technology.

In recents years the R&D, quality and reliability has taken huge leaps and bounds meaning the cost has now become alot more affordable. ICE AV recommends that a 1.92m x 1.92m screen as a minimum size to consider installing into an Aquatic Centre to achieve a sufficient display area. The LED screen size can be increased in 480mm steps in vertical and horizontal dimensions.

The PLas480-10 is a 10mm pitch resolution screen and is an excellent starting point for Aquatic Centres to consider. If budget constraints are a factor according to desired screen size then 15mm and 20mm options are available. Alternatively if venues desire the high definition experience we recommend considering the Plas480-5, a 5mm high defiintion option.

One of the unique features of the Plas480 range is the high Horizontal scanning refresh rate making it suitable for TV cameras for event broadcasts. Low refresh rates typically mean viewer screen flicker when television cameras have the screens in their field.

For the luxury complex and hotel often what has been missing in recent years is the visual aspect to entertain and pamper guests as the swim and take in a pool poolside.

High definition LED screen alongside the luxury pool

The Underwater Swimming Pool screen is manufactured in certain micro step lengths and base width dimensions. Pool constructors and architects should talk to us early on during the pool design process to maximise the integration of this high tech solution.

Underwater Digital Screen

The ICE Underwater Swimming Pool Screen is the ultimate screen for a true state of the art swimming pool.

By adding our unique Ultra Sound Underwater Speakers we now offer one of the most exclusive audio visual experiences that has ever been developed. When combined with the ICE Ultra Sound Underwater speakers we create the most amazing entertainment experience underwater as the audio is only heard whilst your ears are below the water. Lift your head above water and the Ultra Sound can not be heard.

Imagine the fun you could have with this! Add a microphone and you could actually talk to those swimming underwater. By adding our Ultra Sound speakers to a training pool, coaches could actually talk to their swimmers as they practice.

By converging imagination, technical know how and the latest technologies, ICE AV is able to create your large screen experience above and below the water for the coolest immersion experience.

Contact ICE AV Technology
sales at Tel +64-9-414 2348

Double the message with a dual side LED screen

LED Division: By increasing the screen size simply by using dual imaging LED screens outdoors delivers the ability to gain attention in both direction and increase the value of the installation.

Typically a street that is busy in one direction (unless of course it is a one way street) will have good traffic movement in both directions. The volume of traffic may swap in direction depending on the time of the day or night. So whilst workers drive into the city in one direction heading to the office, the opposite direction might be light in traffic volume,

however come evening time it is the reverse. Though as many city dwellers will know, unfortunately, heavy traffic in both directions down busy streets and highways is not affected by the time of the day. To maximise this audience in both directions, a dual image LED outdoor screen has real advantages, especially over swivelling the screen to face the heaviest traffic direction.


Dual Imaging Outdoor LED screen.

By using a dual image / dual sided LED screen some of the advantages become immediate. In the above photo the LED screen size is 2304mm Width x 1728mm High and is 12mm Pitch.

– LED Display is capturing attention in both directions irrespective of the time.
– The same message can be displayed on both sides
– Different messages can be displayed.
– Dual advertising campaigns can be run.

By customising the message according to traffic direction means adverts can be displayed prompting a purchase on the way home, whilst the alternate side LED screen might be prompting activities on in the city that evening.

In this photo you can see the single piece construction of a dual image / dual side LED screen and is designed for outdoors. The screen could be mounted on a single pole or frame legs. For servicing the technician would open up the side needing attention.

This design is not limited to pitch and so we can create a solution that can maximise traffic audience according to your budget.

If you would like to discuss how LED can increase your opportunities please contact us on sales at or telephone +64-9-414 2348

Soft Mesh Net Soft Curtain LED screen

LED Screen Division: The Soft Mesh Net Curtain screen is a format that brings together a number of elements for indoor LED screen.

Large format screens are becoming highly preferred in concerts and events. ICE AV is able to supply and recommend a wide range of different models for all environment and sizes. The Soft Mesh Net Curtain screen delivers large format capability.

– Light weight,
– Large Format Backdrop
– Clear and Black
– Net Format.
– Modularised

ICE Soft Mesh LED screen

ICE Soft Mesh LED screen

Download link.

As seen from this close up detailed photo each SMD LED is encapsulated within a bubble and forms part of the net structure. Panels are clipped together to form the size screen required.

ICE LED Net screen

Close up detail

LED strings screens

Here in this custom application mockup the screen led strings have been customised to form a cone.

Hanging conical LED screen

The image is mapped onto the screen by the dedicated controller allowing video, photos and graphics to be laid onto the screen.

Specification download

For pricing and discussions for your LED screen project we welcome your inquiry. Tel +64-9-4142348 sales at

LED Flexible Soft Screens that you can Roll – Fold – Hang

LED Division: Soft Flexible screens are providing designers and integrators many exciting options to achieve large format digital images. One of the major advantages is the weight factor and when combined with the panel modular aspect.

The Roll – Fold – Hang model is a solid flexible LED screen available in a variety of Pitch. The screen can be rolled up and then folded allowing ideal pack and shipping benefits. In this picture is a 20mm 960mm x 1920mm panel that can be easily joined to unlimited widths.

Flexible led screens

ICE AV Tech Roll - Fold - Hang flexible LED screen

Panels are manufactured according to certain size modules that varies according to the Pitch. This model is non transparent whereas the other models we have are transparent between the vertical strips. (FlexiRoll) This feature provides additional features or can be made “solid” by using a backing curtain.

Flexible Soft Led Screen

ICE LED Road case packing

The complete range of Flexible LED screens can be controlled form Laptop,s Desktop PC or external Switcher. Pictured below is one option that allows multiple computers, DVD, camera feed etc to be displayed on a ICE Flexible LED screen. This is ideal when you need the flexible to display a variety of sources at the press of a front panel button.

LED Screen Switcher

many people are a little confused on how a LED screen receives it signal as a LED screen as such does not have a VGA, DVI, HDMI input connector. The signal source is transmitted typically on a Cat5 type cable on a RJ45 connector. the signal format is determined one step back as can be seen on this connections chart.

Switcher connections

LED Screen Switcher connections diagram

For our clients we take the mystery out of how to make it all work and calibrated. This can be achieved onsite and even remotely.

Flexible 10mm thick Folding LED Panels for indoors and outdoors achieves unique break thru in LED design.

LED Division: ICE Flexible LED Panel offers high resolution in folding type LED screens

This latest addition, FlexiFold O Series, is based on small panels (192mm x 192mm) that are stitched together and 10mm thick. The panels can be joined together to create large screens such as 5m x 3m. Each screen panel can be joined together to create extensive size screen.

Folding LED screen

The middle panel pictured with the lady is our 12mm Folding LED screen panel.

The FlexiFold O Series is available in Indoor and Outdoor Brightness, various Pitch Resolutions and a variety of IP Ratings.

The stitching wire forms the attachment for adjacent panels. Each row can be folded on the next, forming a neat stacked when all folded. The range extends from 6mm – 20mm. Screens can be suspended from over head or laid flat on the floor. Screen height should be based on 192mm steps and each panel width is made of 4pcs or 6pcs unit panels, with an overall panel module width of 768mm or 1152mm.

The signal and power is connect with independent cable and the power supply, receiver card, led screen are separated components.

Shipping volume means that when folded and stacked the bulk of the volume is the actual screen with out air.

The IP rating ranges from IP43, IP54 and IP65. Brightness ranges from 950 – 9000 NITS. This capability delivers huge capability for daytime and night time conditions.

ICE FlexiFold LED Panels

ICE FlexiFold LED Panels 12mm

With some creative planning it can be used as a LED floor and ideal for temporary installations.
Protected by a laid over acrylic sheet allows reliable performance, protect from damage and stunning images.

We welcome your enquiries directly via this form or to our international sales office Tel +64-9-414 2348 or email sales@ at iceavglobal dot com.

Please ensure that you include full details of what your project will consist of and what is intended. We have a range of free and professional Pre-Project services to establish your project. Please note if you are a reseller we do not provide reseller pricing to free email addresses such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo unless they have been verified.

Modular industrial plastic cabinets can solve numerous LED display issues

LED Screen Division: Latest developments in industrial plastics as created new opportunities for a new breed of LED screen enclosures. The modular LED cabinets based around a standard housing enclosure enables one size screen irrespective of the LED screen Pitch.

Based on the 480mmH x 480mmW dimension each screen cabinet is only 6-8kg and delivers huge advantages during installation.The pitch can be diverse and designed for a range of applications.

Typically LED screen cabinets can not be lifted by one person, however the Industrial Plas480LED Display cabinet overcomes this issue delivering greater flexibility during installation due to its light weight. This means that each cabinet can be placed into position on the frame by hand. A major advantage when lifting equipment can not be bought onto site.

The cabinets are accessible from the rear for ease of servicing. Each cabinet comes pre-wired ready for the connector cables to be fitted quickly and with out fuss. Each cabinet is bolted to a frame section, and one by one will create the full size screen required.

Advantages of our Plas480LED displays:
1. Uniform cabinet size: 480x480mm for all pixel pitches.
2. Slim and light weight design. Each cabinet have only 6-8KG, thickness: 11CM.
3. Refresh rate can reach 6,000HZ*, without any scanning line on picture of digital camera. Also the pictures are comfortable to the eyes. * varies according to model.
4. Gray scale 65,536. Accurate gray scale and very smooth picture graduations.
5. Brightness can reach 10,000 NITS, have very good effect even under strong sunshine
6. Simplification of the control system, one receiving card can control cabinets totalling 20 sqm to 40 sqm.
7. Energy saving– save 30%.Using top-grade materials.

ICE LED Cabinets

The Plas480 LED screens are ideal for a wide variety of applications. As the cabinet size is fixed it allows flexibility from an architectural and budget perspective. As long as the correct space has been allowed then as the project or budget is approved then the corresponding Pitch can be specified without holding up construction of the wall area.

Contact ICE AV Technology Ltd, LED Screen Division for further assistance and pricing for your display

project. Tel +64-9- 414 2348 Sales @