ICE continues to offer the most innovative range of LED screens ever conceived…introducing the LED ICE Block

The latest addition to the ICE LED screens range is the ICE Block. …the little screen that has a huge dynamic punch. Measuring a minute 50mm H x 50mm W x 25mm D the LED Micro block can be added together in any shape and size to produce the most dynamic size and style screen you could dream of.

The mini ICE Block allows complex LED screen shapes at 25mm Pitch

The screen is almost like building a wall or shape out of the famous construction Lego toy set. Simply by clipping them together, adding the scabling and source any style of screen can now be developed. The micro LED blocks affectionately described by their cool name of ICE Blocks, allow architectural and designers to bypass the constraint of cabinet, strip, mesh and curtain screens  by creating round screens, screens in the shape of any letter and any size. After all it is simply a matter of joining them together and the magic of the ICE Block can begin to take shape.

ICE LED BlockThe ICE Block Led screen modules maywell be the world’s smallest LED screen. The world over LED screens have mainly taken the square or rectangular shape and this has predominately seen them used as Stadium screens, Digital billboards, large screen displays at events or as digital dance floors. With the ICE Block LED screen a whole new dimension is now possible and allows LED screens to be incorporated as arthitectural components into furniture, walls, and potentially brings the world of creativity, art, interactivity and digital visual information into any shape of size to care to imagine for both indoors and outdoors.


The ICE Block LED screen is perfect for creating any shape and size screen you can imagine and install.

Pricing is based on a variety of influences including shape complexity and size. Before we are able to quote on your project we need to have a full understanding of your application. LED ICE Block Brochure Download

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